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Fingerprint recognition card that enhances the trust and dignity of access control security

It protects the physical and digital environment with reliable fingerprint recognition cards.
BTBL Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of fingerprint recognition solutions and provides the highest level of security for facilities, assets, networks and resources.

Reliable access control

BTBL’s fingerprint recognition card improves the operational efficiency of the access control system and instills confidence in protecting important assets, resources, and personnel safely.

Employee ID card employee.

ID cards have been used by companies for a long time. It was used to quickly identify employees so that they could enter the security zone, which continues to develop. Currently, many companies are adopting cards including smart cards or biometric functions in employee ID cards for a variety of reasons. First, through BTBL’s fingerprint recognition card, you can enter through a scanner or card reader instead of a physical security employee.
This not only reduces costs but also reduces human errors. Second, fingerprint information stored on the card can improve the level of corporate security, preventing possible corporate security accidents in the future.

Airport security card

Airport security is currently constantly evolving. Many travelers needed a long time and process to pass through multiple gates and security checks, and as a countermeasure, the airport began to provide airport security cards.
Airport security cards contain important personal information, such as where you recently traveled and how long you have a card. In addition, you can update related information or change it quickly to meet airport security requirements through this card.

Application field

Credit Card / OTP

Credit cards have been used by individuals around the world since the 1950s to shop and make important purchases.
Since then, credit cards have been established to introduce charging and debit cards.
Credit cards helped improve customers’ shopping experiences and helped improve the retail industry of store owners and large retail companies.
In the case of the financial industry, all users who are customers need a safe payment environment.
BTBL’s fingerprint card solution ensures that credit cards are safe from theft and loss of cards.
It has strong security features that can protect you.


The government is a major industry group that always strives for the best in terms of information protection. From confidential information to personal information, the government must protect the information it handles to protect the people. In this regard, BTBL’s fingerprint recognition card can play an important security role.

``Immigration, passport, military ID``


In the past, immigration documents were filled out on paper or online, and information needed when moving to another country was entered. Immigration cards can be introduced to manage information related to such immigration, and biometric functions can be built into government agencies to check information. BTBL will provide the hardware needed for this process through a fingerprint recognition card solution.


The passport for cross-country travel is in paper format and contains personal information. Currently, some countries are applying smart cards and biometric technologies to existing passports to strengthen passport information management. BTBL’s fingerprint recognition card solution can ideally provide for storing and managing passport information safely.

Armed forces

The military is the government department that needs biometric and smart card technology the most. BTBL’s fingerprint recognition card enables secure management of military bases and secure management of military information.

``Patient security card, hospital security card, and medical insurance ID card``

Patient/Hospital security card

Only officials must enter the hospital, so everyone in the hospital must have an ID card issued by the hospital. In the past, patient ID cards were issued in the form of bracelets containing patient personal information to verify the patient’s identity.These identification systems have brought about problems that are prone to mistakes and confusion about drugs and other important information. Not only patients but also doctors, staff, and visitors need identity and information management. To this end, BTBL’s fingerprint recognition card system can ensure the safety of the hospital’s interior and site along with information management for everyone.

Medical insurance ID card

All necessary information must be displayed correctly when handling health insurance. Otherwise, claims and benefits are wrong, which can cause damage to the insured.
With the introduction of fingerprint recognition card technology in the medical insurance sector, processors can easily check information accurately along with information management about themselves.
It can also help identify people who use medical insurance cards and reduce medical fraud.

``Hotel card, casino card and key card``

Hotel card / key card

The first form of the hotel key card consisted of a series of hole punches and gradually evolved into strip, chip, and biometric recognition.
Hotels with higher levels of security can get better reviews from customers.
Hotel guests want to feel safe, and BTBL’s fingerprint recognition card allows them to use the card alone, providing safety from outsiders’ access.

Casino card

Like hotel key cards, casino cards allow customers to enjoy casinos at will. Along with this, the currently known casino’s “Player Card” provides technology that includes cardholder information. Not only can cardholders load funds to play casino games into their cards, but casinos can also track customers.
With smart card technology, casinos can identify which machines or tables are using, how often they visit, and how much money they invest.
Cardholders can safely store the card’s personal information and funds, and the casino is the best solution to easily identify and manage the information of customers playing games.

Authentication Technologies

Today, modern organizations are evolving into connected workspaces that give access to multiple systems after checking their IDs once. The trusted ID of an employee or visitor provides smooth access to the system within the organization. The key to this is not only to provide convenience, but also to ensure security is built in to recognize the ID of the business system. BTBL’s biometric system can provide a complete solution to identify yourself through interworking with smart cards, mobile or wearable devices.